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We invite you to our Physiotherapy Clinic in Katowice for Bowen Therapy treatments. The Bowen Therapy is a manual therapy method which applies the „less is more” rule. The Bowen technique consists of subtle movements of „rolling” the muscular and fascial structures which relax the tissues and stimulate body regeneration. Each session of movements needs a few-minute break to transfer the stimuli through the neural and fascial system; the break also serves for the patient to rest and relax. The first notable effect of the therapy is reaching the state of deep relaxation. Often only after the first session the patient feels his physical and psychical condition have improved. Sessions take around 40 minutes and it is recommendable to repeat them every 7 days.

The Bowen Technique gives good effects in case of the following ailments, among others:
• muscular and articular diseases
• chronic exhaustion
• anxiety
• baby colics
• insomnia
• stress
• pregnancy ailments
• back pains
• neurosis
• asthma
• sport injuries 
• problems with articulations – such as shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, wrists, ankle joints
• headaches
• infertility
• digestion problems, winds
• tissue tensions
• constipation
• neuralgia
• allergies
• temporomandibular joint disorders

The Bowen Technique shouldn’t be joint with other therapies –before and after each Bowen treatment there should be a 5-day break from other manual therapies, acupuncture and physical therapy. 

During the treatment thin and soft clothes can be worn (i.e. a cotton t-shirt and sweat pants).